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Cooking from around the world. Easy, healthy, do-it-at-home meals that take you on a journey. Cook along with the chef and explore different parts of the world from the comfort of your own home. You can also access the ingredients list and recipe on

This content series will live on EPWD and Ka-netic socials,, and be included in the Ka-netic email blast. They will be released every Saturday at 12pm EST.


This content series will be a long-form video series. We will make the content fit in both a standard post and stories and we’ll share them with you so you can promote on your socials as well.


If you are interested in participating and creating a Melting Pot Cooking video, please fill out this form.

Start filming your Melting Pot Cooking Video!

  • Record your intro and include your name and title you’d like to display Intro Example: “Hi - my name is {name} and today we’ll be taking a journey down to {location where meal is from} and cooking {dish name}. You’ll need {list out ingredients and tools you’ll need}.”

  • Record a overview of all the ingredients, tools you’ll need, and step-by-step of you cooking the dish. Please feel free to give some insight of your culture or fun stories about the dish. You can even send us pictures that we can edit into the video while you tell your story.

  • Record your outro Outro Example: “Thank you for joining me today on Melting Pot, once again my name is {name}. I hope you really enjoy making this dish and eating it! Thank you to @EPWD and @Ka-netic for providing this platform, and if you’re interested in checking out this recipe or others, check out, for all your health, fitness, and wellness needs”

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