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Lets talk about Budgeting for the Holidays

The holiday season is approaching guys! We all know that means gifts, gifts and more gifts. If you are anything like me, you have a budget and you are trying to stick to it, even through the holidays. But how can you do this when the price of food, gas and almost everything has sky rocketed.

A few lessons came out of this pandemic. Primarily, sacrifice and survival. So, although the world has now opened up (with limitations in some states) we should carry on with those same lessons learned. Here are a few ways my family and I are budgeting for the holidays.

  1. We have decided to focus on Thanksgiving festivities ONLY this year. The price of food is astronomical and we need to stay on budget. Even details about the meal are being trimmed down. Ham or Turkey, Mac and Cheese or Baked Ziti, Collards or Green Bean Casserole and the one that breaks my heart the most Yams or Stuffing ( this one is very debatable ).

  2. Two of our boys are young men living on their own, but we still want to buy them gifts. Gift cards and money are always the best "go to gift" but we are going a different route this year. We are gifting them holiday care packages filled with things they may procrastinate getting on their own such as deodorant , toothpaste and body lotion (the good stuff you get from Walgreens and CVS), toothbrushes, soap, wash clothes, towels and condoms ( again, the good stuff you get from Walgreens or CVS). We will also add a gift card to their favorite fast food spot and there you go!! By doing this, we decrease the chances of them reaching out to us for these items during Q1 of 2022 hence no last minute budget adjustments. WINNING!!

  3. We live in North Carolina and normally will go back home to NY for the holidays but instead we are staying home and celebrating virtually with our family back in NY. We have offered the invitation for family to visit us but we will be staying at home to avoid going over budget with travel.

Overall, the best gift you can give anyone during this holiday season is a phone or video call during the holidays not just a text or card in the mail. This act of kindness and acknowledgement has diminished over the years and you know what? Its free!

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