About Us

Eat, Play, Win! Inc. is an initiative with several purposes. It aims to:
Connect families with fun opportunities for fitness and wellness. The participating partners bring a variety of engaging activities for children, parents and community members to experience.

Create collaborations with community businesses by inviting local businesses to sponsor the event or advertise their products.

Promote awareness of food poverty by providing opportunities for schools and communities to be proactive in creating an avenue to educate their community and participate in the fight to end food poverty in the tri-state area.

Our Mission

  One Community Initiative/ We Rise Together 


Every culture every ethnicity is unique and special with its own history, lifestyle and issues. 

We created a community initiative that allows each individual population to:

Express its uniqueness 

Share their culture

Gain knowledge and awareness 

Create new community relationships


Our goal is to invite different populations to participate in our fitness and wellness 

One Community Initiative Days.  Through these events fitness and wellness information will be exchanged, cultural information will be shared, and community bridges will be built. 


We believe working together through fiitness and wellness can help us become One community

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Our Partners

Eat, Play, Win! Day is brought to you in partnership with the new fitness and wellness online community network Ka-netic.com.  Check out Ka-netic.com for information, resourves and to connect with fitness and wellnes experts.

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