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Building bridges in our community through fitness and wellness, one Eat, Play, Win Day at a time

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The Wellness Chapter

Life wellness is a chapter we often skip but it is an essential practice. EPWI provides fitness, nutrition and financial wellness that you can immediately incorporate in your day to day lives.  

Upcoming Events

We Honor Our Heroes
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Women to Women Wellness Days

Empowering our
Women and Girls through fitness and wellness

Our Women to Women Wellness Days are exciting fun filled days of wellness activities and workshops.

This day is created for women with the main purpose of having business workshops and programs owned and operated by women.

This platform is needed in the fitness and  wellness community in order to help properly represent women in the fitness and wellness industry as well as providing a woman's perspective on their fitness and wellness. Most importantly providing access and resources to help women who need these services. 

MEN-tally Fit

Many men who are dealing with emotional health issues turn to their buddy's for help. Quite often these discussions take place at bars, barbershop and at the gym. 

While men are working out they will often get to a point of physical exhaustion that allows them to speak freely about what is happening in their lives. This is one way to help start a much needed dialogue.

We created a program that combines the two. We pair a fitness professional with a emotional health professional to facilitate a safe and positive environment. Men will be able to have a challenging work out followed by a discussion on issues and concern that effect men today. 

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Eat Paly Win Logo white-01.png
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